Be happy you moved here

As soon as you finish moving to Las Vegas, you will notice the Red Rock Conservation that dots the landscape and the clear blue sky that energizes you each and every day. In the middle of summer, you might not be as excited about going outside, but you’ll explain it away as a dry heat. Your lifestyle will change and your outlook on your budget, entertainment and your free time will be altered. Those closest to you will notice when you describe your day trip to Lake Mead National and the Cantonese dish you were inspired to make after visiting Mott 32 at the Venetian Hotel.

The heat is really only here for July and August and most people go on vacation or just go up to Mt. Charleston to take a break from the heat (it snows in the winter and locals go skiing). Locals adjust by doing things early in the morning and early evenings. The desert Catus in Bloom in April will take your breath away. Friends will be jealous and will want to visit you when you live here! You can take them hiking in Red Rock, boating on Lake Mead, on a tour of the Hoover Dam or to a show on the world famous Las Vegas Strip!

Why Las Vegas?



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How's the Weather?

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Check out Clark County Schools!

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